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Need an off-the-shelf or customized pre-hire test?

Entry-level and promotional employment testing

When off-the-shelf tests won’t fit your need

Need to validate an in-house or vendor provided test?

Improve key drivers of talent retention and productivity

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UPDATE: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on applicant testing, we have made our entire catalog of hiring exams available for online administration (either unproctored or remotely proctored) allowing organizations to safely continue assessing candidates during these challenging times. We can also place your in-house or custom developed exams online so that they can be administered online. 

ioPredict, Inc. provides high quality pre-hire assessments and custom solutions to improve talent selection, retention, and productivity.

We are highly experienced at designing and validating high stakes employment tests that are in compliance with all relevant federal laws, regulations, guidelines, and professional standards. In addition, we develop psychometrically sound survey instruments to assess and improve important predictors of talent retention including job satisfaction, engagement, and other relevant constructs.

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