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Need an off-the-shelf or customized pre-hire test?

Better Tests, Better Hires, Quick and Efficient

ioPredict offers a fresh library of entry-level and promotional hiring exams that assess critical candidate aptitudes and knowledge areas required for success on the job. Our off-the-shelf exams are specifically developed for each classification and contain test items that are highly face valid (i.e., “items that look and feel like the actual job”).

Our Doctorate and/or master’s level Industrial-Organizational Psychologists each have more than 15 years of test development and validation experience and have conducted job analyses and developed and/or validated high stakes pre-employment and promotional tests for numerous public and private sector organizations. 


We offer a full suite of IO focused consulting services including job analysis, custom test development (e.g., written tests, work sample tests, physical ability tests, interviews, personality tests) as well as test validation services for clients’ in-house or vendor provided tests. 

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