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Online Testing

ioPredict's Online Tests

ioPredict offers a library of ready-made online selection tests that assess aptitudes, job knowledge, and skills useful for screening job applicants for a wide variety of positions. Click on the Available Tests button to see the list of available multiple-choice and skills based exams.

Each ioPredict examination is developed to:

  • be compliant with all legal and professional standards and guidelines.

  • adhere to stringent psychometric standards including test reliability and fairness.

  • be highly face valid, meaning the test questions look and feel like a sample of the job itself.

  • assess relevant content areas known to underlie job performance.

Flexible and Affordable Exam Customization

When a customized exam is a better fit or necessary, ioPredict has several affordable options for creating high quality customized exams. Click on the Customized Testing button for more information.

Highly Experienced Consultants to Assist You

The staff at ioPredict has a strong foundation in the fundamentals of test development and psychometrics with more than two decades of experience developing all types of customized pre-hire assessments for the most demanding government and corporate clients.

Additional Psychometric Services

ioPredict also offers in-depth psychometric services as needed (e.g., score banding, adverse impact analyses, Differential Item Functioning (DIFF) analysis, etc.).

What are Some Benefits of Choosing ioPredict?

  • Flexible "can do" solutions that meet your unique testing needs

  • Off the shelf and customized assessments

  • Well developed psychometrically sound tests

  • Experts in test development and validation available to assist you

  • Highly responsive customer service

  • Fast turnaround times from test order to administration and results

  • Fresh exam content that is not overexposed

  • Highly face valid exams that "look and feel" like the job

  • Affordable exam and services pricing 

  • Integrated remote proctoring solutions for online exams


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