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Test Customization

Affordable Test Customization Options

ioPredict offers multiple affordable options for exam customization in those situations where an off-the-shelf test is either unavailable or is not the best fit for the position.


Semi-Customized Exams 

ioPredict offers test question banks that can be used to create customized exams for many positions. Once you've selected your test questions, ioPredict assembles your selections into a customized online exam. 


Fully-Customized Exams

ioPredict test developers can custom develop exams from the ground up by writing new test questions specifically designed to assess relevant content areas. The newly developed questions are then placed into a custom online exam for administration. Sometimes a hybrid approach is best where some existing ioPredict test questions can be combined with newly developed questions to create a customized exam.


ioPredict Can Place Your Existing Exams Online

ioPredict can place your own in-house exams online for online administration. Typically, some modifications maybe necessary to the layout of the test content, graphics, and test instructions to ensure a smooth transition over to the online format. These exams can then be administered in the same manner as other online tests.


Customized Test Development and Validation

ioPredict also offers a full suite of IO focused consulting services including job analysis, custom test development (e.g., work sample tests, physical ability tests, interviews, personality tests) as well as an objective third-party test validation study/report of clients’ in-house or vendor provided tests.

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