Training Courses & Workshops

We offer the following HR and workplace measurement related training courses & workshops to help HR Professionals continue to develop the skills that really make a difference:

  • Job Analysis

  • Written Test Development

  • Oral Interview Development

  • Survey Development and Analysis

  • Test Item Analysis and Cut Scores

  • Basic Qualification/Minimum Qualification Development and Validation

  • Basic Statistics for Human Resource Professionals

Upcoming Online Classes & Workshops

Pass Point Setting & Adverse Impact (Spring 2022 TBA 10AM - 12PM Pacific, Registration $40): In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to set defensible exam pass points.  Topics to be discussed include: pass point considerations; adverse impact and diversity; test reliability and precision; and test utility/validity.  Alternative methods for pass point setting will also be discussed (e.g., Angoff method).

Instructor: Clinton Kelly, Ph.D.

Multiple-Choice Item Writing (Spring 2022 TBA 10AM - 12PM Pacific, Registration $40): In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to write and edit quality multiple choice test items.  Topics to be discussed include: multiple choice terminology; item formats; item difficulty levels; item writing clues and errors; and face validity.  The instructor will also present strategies to help item writers manage the process of developing quality multiple choice items.    

Instructor: Brian Moritsch, M.A.

Test and Item Analysis (Spring 2022 TBA 10AM - 12PM Pacific, Registration $40): This two-hour workshop will guide participants through the process of conducting test and item analyses on multiple choice tests.  Test analysis topics will include reliability, validity, standard deviations, skewness, kurtosis, and the standard error of measurement.  The workshop will also instruct students on how to apply the 80% Rule (or 4/5 Rule) to determining whether an exam has adverse impact.  Item Analysis topics will include p-values (difficulty measures), item discrimination indexes (biserial and point-biserial correlations), and distractor analysis.  

Instructor: Brian Moritsch, M.A.

Data Analysis I for HR Professionals (Spring 2022 TBA 8:30AM - 12:30PM Pacific, Registration $75): How we analyze data and present the data graphically will vary depending upon the type of rating scale used to assess a variable.  Hence, the primary focus of this half-day workshop will be the identification/classification of the four variable types: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio variables.  Topics to be discussed include: data analysis terminology, identifying rating scales and variables, and data collection and sampling techniques.  The instructor will also lead a discussion on the ethical use and presentation of data.  The course consists of lectures, group discussions, video presentations, and structured group exercises. 

Instructor: Brian Moritsch, M.A.

Data Analysis II for HR Professionals (Spring 2022 TBA 8:30AM - 12:30PM Pacific, Registration $75): This half-day workshop focuses on statistically analyzing data and data visualization (i.e., presenting the data graphically).  The instructor will also guide the students through a step-by-step process on how to analyze data: from data cleansing to the sequential statistical analyses to perform on the data.  Topics discussed in this workshop include: descriptive and inferential statistics; determining the appropriate statistics for analyzing the data; and data visualization. The main objective of this course is to demonstrate how the type of rating scale associated with each variable affects the way the data is statistically analyzed and graphically presented.  The course consists of lectures, group discussions, video presentations, and structured group exercises.  It is preferable if the class participants have already completed the Data Analysis I class, as many of the topics in this class build upon the topics discussed in the Data Analysis I class.   

Instructor: Brian Moritsch, M.A.

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