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Remote Proctoring

Increased Exam Security

ioPredict offers two main forms of integrated remote proctoring for its online exams


Live Remote Proctoring: A human proctor is assigned to check the test taker's ID and to monitor the entire test administration session utilizing the test taker's web cam and a screen share of the test taker's computer screen. This remote proctoring option is more expensive but provides the highest level of remote test administration security.


Automated Remote ProctoringThe test taker is checked in with their ID and monitored throughout their testing session by an artificial intelligence proctor. The automated proctor records the entire testing session including audio, webcam view of the test taker, and the test taker's computer screen, flagging instances of behaviors that may be suspicious (e.g., looking away or down, voices in the room, leaving the area, pulling up a website). This report and video can then be reviewed by the test administrator to determine if any cheating may have occurred.

While many organizations are successfully and without incident utilizing unproctored online tests, remote proctoring is recommended in the following situations:

       When administering public safety exams due to these being very highly sought after position

       When increased test security and defensibility of the testing process are an absolute must


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